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HD News Meetings

The next HD News Meeting is scheduled for 05-Apr-2023 at Noon PST.

Archive of Meeting Notes

HD News Meeting March 2023

The Meeting took place on 08-Mar-2023 at Noon PST.

1) Legacy Pumper

The focus has been on finishing the Legacy Pumper Update.
There is still a lot more work to get done on it.
I do not have a fixed date for beta testing yet.
I am hoping to get testing started this month or next month.

I am looking for Content Creators to get involved with the testing.
To make sure all of the modules functionality works properly for 3rd party content.
There will be an applications process in order to get an invite for the testing.
I'll post a link to the form within the next few days.

Anyone who is part of the internal testing group will be involved too without the need to fill out the form.
And I'll bring some more of the most active testers over from the regular beta testing group.

The next meeting will be on 05-Apr-2023 at Noon PST.

HD News Meeting February 2023

The Meeting took place on 08-Feb-2023 at Noon PST.

1) Suggestions and Bug Reports

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to file a Bug Report or Suggestion to help with the current efforts.
Those reports are a huge help for me.

You can file either online: Suggestions and Bug Reports.

2) Updates and Bugfixes

There are a couple of bug reports that I am investigating and working on.
You can find more details about some of those bugs in the meeting notes for January.

2.1) Improved Vehicle Pump Manual

- still in the works

2.2) Titanium Series

- fix for Modular HUD emergency light controls
- Titanium 4500A shoreline connection is wrong
- Report fails to show foam flow for booster reels
- Titanium 3000N drafting controls do not work properly

2.3) Panther Type 2

- door hinges and some interior details have wrong position
- adjustable windshield interior tint will be added
- rear sides and roof decals will be separate textures
- investigating issues with grabbing the Health Pack

2.4) Panther Type 3

- Customize HUD applies incorrect box rear texture for one specific case

2.5) HD Fire

- custom Burn Time option is not working properly.
- new API 'GET STATUS' command to check Size and Energy values
- the 'GET STATUS' command will not be filtered by owner
- can also be used as a 'ping' command to poll for nearby fires
- new 'HD_FIRE_START', 'HD_FIRE_OUT' and 'HD_SMOKE_OUT' info messages
- those can be used to build scripted fire detectors that do not have to rely on scanners

2.6) Skid Unit

- still investigating these reports
- issues when supplying water with portable pump
- issues with incorrect overheating
- issues when using gated wye
- issues with supply intake valve

2.7) Teleport Portals

- the vehicle Script API 'SET POS' and 'SET ROT' commands are insufficient for teleporting vehicles
- will launch an official HD Vehicle Teleport System
- simple setup: rez two portals in the region, match their object description, done
- drop-in script will be available to make existing portals compatible
- drop-in script will be available to make other modify enabled 3rd party vehicles compatible
- the whole HD Fleet will be compatible once updated
- further details will be available soon
- if you want to help test the system please IM Lares Carter

3) Legacy Pumper Mod

- progress is good but still a lot more work to get done
- I did receive a lot of suggestions for possible Modules
- those are a huge help to shape the system, please keep them coming
- no ETA for beta testing yet

4) Questions and Answers

Q: Are there plans to make a new Mesh based Type 1 Ambulance?
A: Not currently, focus is on Legacy Pumper Update.

Q: Will there be a creator kit to make your own fully compatible Fire Truck?
A: Should be covered as part of the Legacy Modules System.

Q: Will the Skid Unit be able to draft?
A: I got some ideas for Skid Unit drafting, yes.

Q: When will the Legacy Pumper Update be released?
A: No fixed time frame for Legacy Update release other than ASAP.

Q: Will there be an oxygen system and venting system for the fires?
A: Not with the current update. The Fanning Feature (somewhat related) was introduced with the August 2022 Update.
I think the best simulation could be achieved with scripted houses in order to simulate separate rooms, windows and doors and realistic fire spreading.
Once there is a fully working house a builders kit to make your own compatible houses could be a possibility.
However due to RL I do not have the required time to take on such a complex project currently.
Other content creators and scripters could accomplish such a project by using the existing Script API.
Feel free to IM Lares Carter if you are interested and want to talk about expanding the Fire API to make that possible.

Q: Where can I find the existing Fire API?
A: You can find it here

Q: Are we still disallowed to put HD Equipment into our own vehicles?
A: That clause was left over from before the Gear HUD was used to handle all of the HD Equipment. I have removed it from the documentation.
Currently you can link the Supply Lines, Attack Lines, Suction Hose, Tool Box, Spare Batteries, Foam Eductor, Hydrant Bag and Foam Jugs to your own vehicle.
More HD Equipment Givers will be available in the future.

Q: Will there be a mod version of the Portable Pump that can be linked as giver?
A: It is on the list of ideas. Not sure when yet.

Some other interesting bits of information about SL:
- somewhat new LSL Linkset Data Functions: SL Wiki Info
- new LSL Linked Sound Function: SL Wiki Info
- GLTF Materials Project: SL Wiki Info & YouTube Video

The next meeting will be on 01-Mar-2023 08-Mar-2023 at Noon PST.

HD News Meeting January 2023

The Meeting took place on 04-Jan-2023 at Noon PST.

1) News Meeting Schedule

For 2023 News Meetings will happen on the first Wednesday of each Month at Noon PST.
There will be no more Friday meetings.
If I do happen to be unavailable then I'll reschedule for the next available Wednesday.
But overall that should happen less frequently now that we got Wednesdays instead of Fridays.

I'll do my best to have the summary posted online by the following Thursday. If it's late feel free to ping me via IM.
We'll see how this all works out and then adjust the schedule as needed.
If there is anything exciting to show or announce then I'll handle that independent from the meetings. So it does not have to wait a full month.
Overall this should improve the quality of the meetings as there will be more to show and talk about.

2) Beta Testing Group

The HD Beta Testing group will be disbanded. There has not been much happening with it in 2022.
I have tried using it a bit more but I think overall it's rather forced instead of actually being useful for me during the development process.
The group has been a big time eater for me to go through applications, keep everything organized, see who is active and who is not.
And it was a small sub-group of people in the Testing group that contributed the majority of the reports and feedback.

Going forward the Internal Testing group will take care of all testing needs.
There will be optional voluntary testing available if it's an update to an existing product that you own.
If you want to join the Internal Testing group then just make sure to submit bug reports and suggestions on the existing HD Vehicles and Items.
Anyone who is active and helpful will be considered to join the Internal Testing Group.

3) Bug Fixes

There are a couple of bug reports that I am investigating and working on.

3.1) Titanium Series

The Modular HUD for the Titanium Series fails to properly update the active emergency lights panel when switching between the tabs.
That's a SL issue. You can fix it by right clicking on the HUD or turning one of the lights off and on again.
Nevertheless there is workaround that I can add to the HUD to force it to update properly on its own.
A small bugfix for the Modular HUD to take care of that should be available soon.

On the Titanium 4500A the connection spot for the electrical shoreline is wrong.
I still need to confirm the details and find what is going wrong in the scripts.

The Titanium Report Feature fails to list booster reels flow as part of foam injeciton.

The Drafting GPM Display on the Titanium 3000N is not working properly and has an incorrect sit target.

3.2) Vehicle Manual Improvements

The manuals for the One Series and Titanium are really lacking in regards to explaining how the pumps work.
I am working on an improvement for that which should explain everything a lot better.
It's still in the works. Might take some time until it will go live.

3.3) HD Fire

The Custom Burn Time Option is not working properly.

3.4) Panther Type 3

The Customize HUD fails to properly clear any applied rear custom texture internally.
This can lead to the texture being incorrectly applied to another copy of the Panther Type 3.

3.5) Bug Reports

If you know about any additional Bugs or Issues please file a Bug Report.
Please do not rely on someone else submitting one because the bug seems obvious.
For the vast majority of bugs I only receive a single report.
As a bonus: submitting reports will earn you credit towards joining the Internal Testing group.

4) Legacy Pumper Mod

This is the Update that will contain the 'Super Update' to add all missing features from the Early Access phase.

The Super Update includes:
- the Emergency Lights HUD
- Theme Box Support
- Modular HUD support for the Officer
- improved and newly added Sounds
- fully functional Tablet
- 3D Model, LoD and Texture Improvements
- Land Impact Optimizations

It will also include modify support for the vehicle and the Modules system.
Owners of the Legacy Pumper will receive the respective Cab, Pump and Body Module for free.
Any of the new Modules (Short Cab, Top Mount Pump, etc.) are separate purchases.

Currently I am in the middle of re-scripting the drive scripts and the cab controls on the Legacy Pumper.
That does not mean adding any of the new stuff. It just means re-writing all the existing features but with modify and modules support in mind.
All of the systems have to be modular and self contained so that it will be possible to swap modules while retaining full functionality.

On the current version of the Legacy Pumper a lot of the functions are spread out across the whole vehicle due to the SL script size and memory limits.
There are also several optimizations that rely on the vehicle features remaining the same.
All of those things have to be adjusted and re-written for the Modules System.
In short: it's a lot of work and I am getting it done asap.
I do not have an ETA for the beta testing yet.

The Modify Support will include modify permission for the object. The Scripts will remain no modify.
API information will be available on which link messages are sent for Parking Brake, Emergency Lights, etc.

I am taking suggestions and ideas for any and all Modules. Just fill out the Suggestions Form
A Module can be pretty much anything. A full cab or a pump. Or just a different scene light. Or something else entirely.
The sooner I know about what everyone would like to see the better I can plan ahead for it.
It'll be a lot harder to add support for something later down the road.

The same applies as with the bug reports: don't rely on someone else submitting the idea just because it seems obvious. That's usually how things get missed.
And duplicate suggestions are no issue at all. It actually helps to show which ideas are popular and what everyone is the most excited about.
And that in turn guides me on where to set priorities.